Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ground Control to Major Tom

Affected by the atmosphere and rhetoric surrounding the recent USA national election as much as anyone, I felt an immediate need to recluse myself from social media post from everyone and constantly checking my phone. So, I unplugged for a solid week by taking time to unwind and re-tune myself.  I did it by not clicking on any social medial sites, not watching televised news, and refusing to check my phone more than three times per day. In fact, I stopped carrying it!

By the third day of my self-imposed sabbatical I felt the greatest release of tension in my shoulders and back.  I started feeling general relaxation. I was feeling happier by the fifth day. After one week, I didn't feel the need to; constant click on Facebook, turn on cable news, or check my phone for messages. I was once again in control of my time and importantly, my sense of well being.

So, I began focusing on the person that really mattered in my life; me. My priorities, my focus, my goals, how I was allocating my time. Was I too involved helping others in my community? Yes.  Not only was I investing large amounts of energy and time in others. I was ignoring my self. I reasserted that I can be of service to others but, not at the expense of my own goals.

So, I immediately re-distributed my time allocations and focus. Finally enrolled into the ongoing acting workout class that I kept saying that was going to get around to when I "find the time". Well, I had the time all along. I simply wasn't using it well. So, now I am back in class, ready to mail out a reworded cover letter, new head shots, started gym workouts again, went solo flying, attended some SAG invitational movie screenings and heard famous actors talk about their process, attended a powerful workshop and even purchased a new book to read.

I encourage everyone to take an introspective looks at their lives and dare ask the questions, "Am I in control of my life or are my influences in control of me?" "Do I feel anxious and on edge?"  "Do I need to unfriend some of my social media contacts because they frequently post negative posts and comments?" Even if their postings and comments are factual, seeing them potentially lowers your energy vibrations and negative does not attract positive. And importantly, "Do I need to recluse myself from everything and everyone, refocus and re-tune myself?" Re-tuning may not extend your life but it will certainly make whatever time you have left more pleasant to live. And that is priceless!

I feel as free as astronaut Chris Hadfield did when he sung David Bowie's "Space Oddity" aboard the international space station. Ground Control to Major Tom... 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Going International in 2016

"Love" a psychological thriller starring Charlz Williams, Angela Hope, and Stephen Colfield Jr., written and directed by award winning director Marcellus Cox, and co-produced by Charlz Williams is presently scheduled to screen in 18 festival throughout the USA and abroad in 2016. Including appearances in Turkey, Great Britain, and Indonesia. The film is expected to screen more festivals before the year ends.  For a peek at festival badges go to               

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Festival Acceptance for Space

'Space the Final Reartier' the sci-fi short I wrote, produced, and directed is an official selection of 2016's Star Gate Galactic International Sci-Fi Fantasy and Horror Film Festival and I am jazzed about that. My website homepage has a link to 'Space'
Festival link

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bio Updating is an Ongoing Process

So, this week I am linking my updated bio and and throwing in an edited clip of me as a homeless man about to get taken advantaged of by Art Hall (HBO'S The Wire) in Troubadour Pictures 'Give and Take' a 2015 festival award winning short directed by Mike Barroga. Thanks to skilled makeup artist Health Harper my appearance is totally transformed. Throw in some character and scene preparation on my part and we have ourselves some interesting viewing.

My updated bio is at

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Music Video Completion

I am feeling rather accomplished these days after successfully directing the music Video Better written and song by singer Angela Hope. I am equally pleased with the side story I wrote for the song. Better is Angela's first music video out of over 200 songs many of which are posted on Sound Cloud. The smooth jazz video has over three hundred views in the first week and here is the link:

Friday, February 26, 2016

Accelerated Artist Recognizes Charlz Williams

The Accelerated Artist recently recognized Charlz Williams for early 2016 successes. Accelerated Artist works to connect an artist's vision, goals, brand, marketing, PR & Sales strategies into a cohesive business plan, committed to helping artist achieve career success. Link to the story here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Robert De Niro's Sound Advice

If only every actor, especially indie actor and director understood this, movies would be much more compelling & realistic.  According to Robert De Niro's in this short linked video it is important to understand that it is not necessary to overact by showing the camera what you the actor feels or thinks.  Experience a real emotion in the life of the character and story and the camera will record that because subtleties do not escape the camera.  Look at any of your A-list actors in any film other than comedy and see how their actions compared to everyday people in everyday life.  A-list actors mirror real everyday people without the histrionic gesturing and energy. I for one enjoy engaging my brain when I view film and not having the actors gesture to me what I am suppose to think.